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Solid thyroid nodule was 3.3 last year now 3.5 cm. fna biopsy normal in 2011. should i be concern. endo said see me one yr with ultrasound. worried?

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Thyroid nodule: You already know that the nodule was benign in 2011. 3.3 vs 3.5 cm is basically the same. Since you had the ultrasound, you should see your endo, and probably get new set of thyroid tests, but it does not need to be urgent if you are feeling well.

Answered 9/29/2016



Size is of concern..: Your endocrinologist is correct. Given a recent negative FNA, and the size changes within the margin of error, it is safe to assume its benignity. However, most surgeons recommend removing a solid nodule when it reaches 4 cm in diameter, on the assumption that FNA, at this size , may not be accurate due to sampling errors. So, not to worry, but keep an eye on the size.

Answered 10/26/2014



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