Be a part of something important

Our mission is to provide universal access to high-quality, affordable healthcare, and every HealthTapper plays a part in making it happen.

Who we are

HealthTappers come from a wide variety of educational backgrounds, including the world's most prestigious institutions — the Ivies, Carnegie Mellon, Georgia Tech, Northwestern, University of California Berkeley, and Waterloo, to name a few.

Why HealthTap

Talented people have a lot of options. Here's why HealthTap attracts the best and the brightest from all fields.

We make a difference

Our work helps millions of people with the most important aspect of their lives, their health, and the health of their families.

We're diverse and welcoming to all

We proactively maintain a diverse workforce where everyone is respected. Period.

We're committed to growth and learning

HealthTap has a culture of continuous learning and improvement — the epitome of a growth mindset. We learn from each other, our customers, members and doctors. We learn from our mistakes more than our victories. We learn from everything.

We love variety

HealthTappers are self-reliant and resourceful, but also thrive in team environments. We move seamlessly between the worlds of individual contribution and teams working toward a shared goal.

We solve hard problems

We solve challenging technical, operational, and creative problems daily. We're large enough to have a dynamic, diverse and lively work environment, but small enough that every single person makes a difference.

What we offer

A remote-friendly policy

Work from anywhere.

A flat organization

Everyone works for everyone and with everyone.

A focus on outputs, not inputs

Hours don't count, but results do. Take whatever time off you need, as long as you achieve the goals you set and enable your team to do the same.

Support for marathons, not sprints

You'll perform best if you work sustainably. So we want you to sleep well, eat well, exercise, prioritize family, and take care of your mental and physical health (and that of your loved ones) above all else.

An open door policy

Everyone has direct access to leadership at all times, for help, for answers, or an ear for good ideas or constructive feedback.

Competitive salary & benefits

We all do our best work when we feel we're fairly compensated for our work and minimize financial stressors. So we always strive to be competitive on salaries, benefits, and equity packages.

Investment in you

We want you to be always learning, trying and excelling at new skills, and leaving our team better than when you joined; so we encourage and support new projects, career growth, personal pursuits, and ongoing educational opportunities.

Frequent, ongoing company sponsored social events (in person or virtual)

We nurture friendship and camaraderie amongst teammates & their families, because life's too short to not have fun in the company of people we enjoy.

Authenticity and honesty

The leadership team is committed to doing what they say and saying what they mean.

Are you a practicing doctor?

Join HealthTap as a member of the HealthTap Doctor Network or the HealthTap Medical Group to provide the next-generation of healthcare.

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