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Our HealthTap primary care doctors can offer specialized care and advice for issues related to diabetes, high BP, allergies, high cholesterol, gastrointestinal disorders, arthritis, and more.

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Jennifer C.

Very fast. The Doctor read everything I wrote and told me what I had after I told him symptoms. I was prescribed a antibiotic within 30 mins, and they took my insurance!! I'll be back

Mira S.

It was so easy to use, the doctor was amazing and the savings so much better than typical co-pays at a doctor. I don't have insurance right now but this was so easy and affordable. Wow!

HealthTap member

The cost and quickness. It cannot be beat. I do not have health insurance so having this saved my life.

Ivana L.

Convenient, pretty affordable, and my chosen doctor is fantastic.

Staci L.

My daughter woke up with a UTI and I was able to call HealthTap on the way to the airport, stop at a 24 hour pharmacy and still make our flight. Was wonderful to get help quickly.

HealthTap member

Not leaving home. I have 4 children so it's hard to have everyone come to an appt. Plus this way everyone is not exposed to any other illnesses.

HealthTap member

Convenience. I travel extensively. Great for refills and acute care.

Not just a doctor—
your doctor

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