About HealthTap

HealthTap was founded in 2010 with a bold and ambitious mission: to give real-time access to high-quality, affordable healthcare to all

Many innovative companies and smart people are working on improving flawed healthcare systems by improving the systems themselves. But at HealthTap, we approached the problem differently.

We started by answering questions

We began with the premise that many of the unnecessary costs, inefficiencies, and inconveniences of going to the doctor could be eliminated simply by getting the right information, from the right doctor, into the hands of the person with the health question or concern.

So more than a decade ago, we started doing just that—using technology to deliver personalized health information freely and easily, directly from doctors, providing answers to more than 2 million unique questions, and serving those answers to others in need more than 7 billion times (and counting) over the past decade.

Today, an end-to-end experience

Today, HealthTap helps people who may be sick through the process of getting and feeling well. We use artificial intelligence to "interview" members, and triage (classify and prioritize) their symptoms. The results from HealthTap AI can be used by themselves, or inform one of HealthTap's doctors in a virtual consultation. HealthTap's virtual doctor consultations use text chat, audio only, or video with audio and text to connect doctors with patients. The doctor provides a treatment plan and next steps for follow-up. Members can get these services any time, any place.

Information stored for more personalization, easy access

What's more, all the information from HealthTap AI, notes from the virtual doctor consultation, treatment plan, prescriptions, and everything else about the member is saved in one place, easily accessible from any digital device, 24/7.

Efficiencies mean lower costs

HealthTap technology automates all the manual tasks for members and doctors, creating a much more efficient experience, end-to-end. This also dramatically lowers costs, giving HealthTap the ability to offer membership for less than our favorite video subscription.