What makes HealthTap different?

We believe everyone deserves easy, affordable primary care

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We believe in a long-term relationship with your doctor

When you have a doctor who really understands and keeps up with your health, they see the big picture—helping you live a longer, happier life.

Your doctor is always only one tap away

We believe in high quality care

Each and every one of our HealthTap Medical Group doctors are US-licensed, board certified, and trained through our comprehensive online care program. Their experience is matched by their enthusiasm for delivering excellent care in the newest medium in the industry. This means the doctor you choose is with you every step of the way.

We believe holistic, ongoing care keeps you healthier

Your personal doctor leads a comprehensive care team to ensure you always get the help you need, from managing ongoing conditions and prescriptions to prevention and referrals.

We believe real doctors have the best answers

HealthTap has the country's largest network of volunteer doctors across 140+ specialties to create a database of millions of trustworthy doctor answers. No more wading through confusing articles on the internet.

We believe in removing barriers to make healthcare convenient

We embrace technology that creates a direct connection between doctor and patient. We're constantly innovating to make your care better and more affordable.

We believe that change is one tap away