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Solid heterogeneous thyroid nodule 15mm to 3cm in 2 years and normal tsh levels. if it is cancer, could it have spread over the 2 years? fna tomorrow.

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Unlikely: Thyroid nodules are a fairly common finding. In the setting of a normal tsh, an fna is the appropriate next step. The good news is the very large majority are benign. An fna is the only way to know for sure though. Best of luck!

Answered 5/5/2016


Dr. Mike Bowman answered

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Thyroid ca spreading: Thyroid cancers are generally not very aggressive cancers and respond well to treatment. A 3 CM nodule absolutely deserves fna, and you may want to consider partial thyroidectomy for a nodule of that size. Discuss with your surgeon based on the results of your fna. Don't lose too much sleep at this point though, your outlook is still very good. Good luck!

Answered 4/17/2017



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