Relationship-based virtual primary care for all populations

We are a medical practice that works with health plans, accountable care organizations (ACOs), at-risk providers, and employers to deliver concierge-level care, patient access, and engagement — all while creating shared savings.

The centerpiece of your primary care portfolio

Flexible contracting and streamlined implementation based on your organization's needs.

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Custom risk-based


Average medical cost reduction of $2,760 per engaged member per year

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National practice committed to relationship-based primary care

Our medical group is credentialed with commercial and government health plans and specially trained to deliver exceptional virtual care.

We work with you to engage populations across all demographics, ranging from children to seniors, rural to urban, vulnerable to highly discerning.

Licensed in 50 states and D.C.

All US states

Focus on long-term, ongoing care


Patients choose their doctor and see them over time

Primary care

Virtual visits by video, text, or audio via app

Virtual visits

Urgent care visits also available

Urgent care

Value-based and clinical expertise meets Silicon Valley technology and design

HealthTap shares the culture, mindset, and talent pool that has given rise to the most beloved consumer technology brands in the world.

Performance marketing at scale for unprecedented patient engagement
Performance marketing
AI models for clinical efficiency and predictive modeling
AI models
Proprietary platform and data sharing
Proprietary platform
Easy integration to clinical workflow and user experience
Easy integration

Dr. A.I.™ improves detail and depth of the patient's history to improve doctors' diagnostic accuracy AND frees up time for doctors to spend with their patients.

Geoffrey Rutledge

Geoffrey Rutledge, MD, PhD, FACMI

Cofounder and Chief Medical Officer, HealthTap

Patient service levels

See their chosen Primary Care doctor

See their chosen Primary Care doctor

24 hours or less

Get a return text from their Primary Care doctor

Get a return text from their Primary Care doctor

1 hour or less

See an on-call Urgent Care doctor

See an on-call Urgent Care doctor

15 minutes or less

Over 4.9/5-star average rating

21K+ reviews

The doctors are personable and understanding which makes the experience much more relaxed and candid. I can actually have a discussion about my health, not a rushed 'drive thru' feeling experience. It varies greatly from in office visits in the best possible ways.

Stephenie R.

From Florida

It was so easy to use. The doctor was amazing and the savings so much better than typical co-pays at a doctor. I don't have insurance right now but this was so easy and affordable. Wow!

Mira S.

From Georgia

My doctor was one of the most informative and compassionate doctors I've ever had an appointment with. She provided me fantastic guidance and I will continue to go to her for my medical needs as long as I can.

Tim B.

From Maryland

I lost my medical insurance. I'm a type 2 diabetic and needed prescriptions refilled. I searched online and found HealthTap! Very affordable for someone needing doctor care. My doctor has been the best! I recommend anyone who needs doctor care to join HealthTap!

Rene M. Jr.

From Texas

Doctors we'd choose to treat our own loved ones

Virtual care is transforming the way that we can actually have longitudinal relationships with our patients — and we get to know them well, and we get to be with them in their health journey. Primary care should be virtual first, and HealthTap definitely delivering that.

Odhett Cojocaru

Dr. Odhett Cojocaru

Primary Care, Internal Medicine

Telehealth is a beautiful thing — that we're able to reach people that either don't necessarily have the time or resources, and they're still able to get fantastic care, and to feel like they're in the doctor's office without having to get there. It's pretty amazing. I think it's great as a provider because I can still have this work-life balance, and patients are reaping the benefits of being able to see highly-qualified physicians and still get great care at their convenience.

Vander Pol

Dr. Sarah Vander Pol

Primary Care, Family Medicine

Demonstrated partner success

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