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Ascus- negative hpv reflex test- partially obscuring inflammatory exudate- never had positive hpv or abnormal pap before for over 20 years. can a yeast infection cause this? follow up one year. high anxiety ,cant sleep so scared of cancer?

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Dr. James Ferguson answered

Specializes in Pediatrics

If it was cancer or pre-cancer the test would say so. The wording indicates there was inflammation, the type of common findings seen with a vaginitis/cervicitis caused by any one of a number of common germs including yeast. If they indicated follow-up in a year it means they were not concerned about the finding and you should not either. Please open a dialog with the doc on this point.

Answered 4/23/2023


Dr. Birendra Tandan answered

Specializes in Urology

In this scenario your chances of having cancer are near 0. Nothing is 100% in medicine and life. There are false neg and false positives to every test. No need to fear cancer as no body has control over who will or will not have it. Enjoy your good health and think positively.

Answered 4/19/2023



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