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For about 7 months, i have had an aching feeling in my testicles, lower back and groin/lower abdomen that comes and goes. surgeon said it was not a hernia and suggested a strain. it's not painful.

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Dr. Daniel Royal answered

Specializes in Holistic Medicine

GET ULTRASOUND: It could be the result of a varicocele or cyst. Get an ultrasound to check for any enlargements or growths. Get a serum blood test for HCG level to rule out seminoma, a type of testicular tumor. Also, get a blood test for complete blood count to check white blood cells and rule out subclinical infection. In addition, get a c-reactive protein (CRP) as this is a marker for general inflammation.

Answered 3/12/2015


Dr. Richard Mangus answered

Specializes in Hepatology

Maybe kidney stone: Your description is classic for a kidney stone that is small or has not yet passed. The testicle will begin to ache and this can go on for some time. Also, you can have lower back and abdomen and groin pain, sometimes along the inner thigh. You should have your urine tested for microscopic blood which would support this diagnosis. Otherwise, there are lots of options-epididymitis, std, cancer.

Answered 6/9/2018



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