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I broke my 5th metatarsal in my right foot and i'm down for 6wks. can i lose weight by drinking protein shakes & still promote bone healing?

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Protein for healing: Adequate protein is important for bone healing, but going on a meal-replacement "liquid diet" is not the best move for weight management during this time. Healing also requires other nutrients. Eat real food (plants + meat). Adapt your exercise lifestyle to the injury.There are many movements that can be done that will not jeopardize your healing. Foot injury does not mean you need to be bedridden.

Answered 5/29/2016


Dr. Wenjay Sung answered

Specializes in Podiatry

Losing weight: Maybe if your total calories decrease by the increased number in the shakes. Even though you may be "down" or off your feet for 6 weeks, you can still do upper extremity work outs or core exercises to burn off calories. A healthy diet is best, protein shakes are really for increasing muscle mass, not losing weight. You may gain more weight without extra bone healing benefit.

Answered 5/18/2017



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