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Is fish oil good for minor head trauma? which of these fish oils should a patient take after two weeks of injury, 615mg omega-3 (210mg epa, 230mg dha), 600mg omega-3 (240mg epa, 220mg dha) + 3000iu d3 + 1460iu vit-a? thank you

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Dr. Randy Baker answered

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Yes, see below: Yes, there's good reason to believe fish oil is helpful in helping heal from head trauma. A good dose to try is 3000 mg of EPA/DHA per day so I advise at least 3 of the ones with 615 mg 2x/day with food. One of those could be the one with A & D but you would not want more than one of those a day to avoid excess A & D. See http://www.brainhealtheducation.org/resources/brain-injury-protocol/

Answered 2/3/2021



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