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How much fish oil to take? i am taking a fish oil supplement, it says it is 1000 mg. on the supplement facts label it says it has both epa and dha with a total omega 3-fatty acids of 300 mgs. the label says to take 3 softgels per day. i am now on my s

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Dr. Delia Weiss answered

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One : One to two grams daily is a reasonable start. Accurate dosing depends on reason for taking fish oil.

Answered 10/3/2016


Dr. Michael Rothman answered

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None: Krill oil and fish oil are the new snake oil, both are high in omega 3 fatty acids which are extremely fragile. Omega 3 fish oils reduce triglycerides by impairing the liver's ablility to make them. However the oxidative stress caused by fish oil actually raises LDL cholesterol. Some day we may use the phrase "this is just more fish /krill oil" or "here comes the fish/krill oil salesman".

Answered 12/9/2013


Dr. William Jenkins answered

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Fish oil cholesterol: This is a dietary supplement fish oil, regulated as a food, the larger number is the amount of fish oil, the smaller the amount of omega 3. Fish oil containing dha will raise your LDL cholesterol. Fish oil containing only epa will decrease your LDL cholesterol. Two-four grams per day are recommended to decrease high triglycerides.

Answered 12/31/2017



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