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I have stage 4 ckd and was also diagnosed with gout 4 and a half years ago...yesterday my primary dr told me my labs from 12/4/2014 show my uric acid level at 8.8 but the labs my neph did 9/1/2014 showed my uric acud level was 2.1, i have a 6 month follow

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Who knows: With advanced kidney disease the higher value is more likely the accurate one.

Answered 2/19/2015


Dr. Subhasish Bose answered

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High Uric acid level: uric acid level can go up with worsening of kidney function and filtering capacity in CKD. Many people with h/o gout also are on medicine such as Allopurinol or uloric which can help decrease the Uric acid level by making less of it. Uric acid level can temporarily go up in other situations such as dehydration. Follow up with your doctor in person to determine a treatment plan for you.

Answered 5/6/2015



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