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My 2yr old grandaughter fell and cut her upper gum before her teeth came in and now her two front teeth are rotten. what can be done about this?

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Dr. Marguerite Myers answered

Specializes in Dentistry

See Dentist: Please take your granddaughter to the dentist. If she has dental disease this could effect her over all health. This fall could also damage your granddaughter's permanent teeth. The sooner that you seek help for her, the better the results will be. Take care..

Answered 2/15/2013


Dr. John Thaler answered

Specializes in Prosthodontics

See the pedodontist: She needs to be seen by the children's dentist (pedodontist). They will be able to see what the damage is and how to treat it. You do not want this to affect her permanent teeth. Go asap.

Answered 2/6/2013


Dr. Rena Kravitz answered

Specializes in Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dentist: I suspect that they are unrelated. Your grandaughter needs to see a pediatric dentist. They can evaluate the situation, and decide if the teeth can be saved or will need to be extracted. Don't wait for her to be in pain, or it may be to late to do anything other than extract them. Consider stopping a bottle and moving her to a cup, if her parents have not already done so.

Answered 2/11/2013


Dr. Ronald Hsu answered

Specializes in Pediatric Dentistry

See a dentist: The falling and the rotting may not be related, but either way she will need to be seen by a dentist. The rotted teeth may need to be removed; I'm sure the dentist will try to save them if possible. Please have her see a dentist as soon as possible.

Answered 12/4/2015



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