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Can stress/anxiety make your hair fall out? i'm only 18 but i've been stressing about numerous things for the past few years now and ever since, i've noticed that my hair has been falling out drastically. i usually don't fondle with my hair too often when

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Dr. Geoffrey Rutledge answered

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Excessive : Excessive hair loss, also known as alopecia, can occur due to several factors. We lose hair naturally everyday, loss of about 50-80 follicles is considered normal. However, things such as stress, genetics, nutritional deficiency, hormonal changes, excessive use of hair products/items and illnesses can also cause alopecia. If you are experiencing alopecia and are also under a lot of stress, talk to your doctor. He/she can help you with your condition medically (if necessary) and assist you in taking steps to better cope with stress.

Answered 10/3/2016



Evaluation: Yes, chronic anxiety can cause hair loss, but other medical conditions that are associated with anxiety can also caused hair loss. It is important to seek evaluation by a medical professional.

Answered 5/6/2015



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