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Can surgery be done for a case where there is costochondral separation on 2 ribs? if so, can you recommend a hospital that specializes in this?

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Dr. Pietro Seni answered

Specializes in Orthopedic Surgery

Yes: I believe so.You should consult with a surgeon that specializes in chest surgery.Look then-up on the yellow pages or any medical directory put up by the medical society of the city where you live or call them, they should be able to point you in the right direction.(medical society).

Answered 7/26/2013


Dr. Anthony Furnary answered

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Yes & no: This is a separation between the cartilaginous portion of your rib (front portion) and the boney portion (back portion) like a broken rib. The surgery to put them together is more painful than just letting it heal on its own. If still painful after 3 months seek out a thoracic surgeon. However, be carful as the "fix" requires an incision and a plate as painful than letting it heal by itself.

Answered 2/6/2019



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