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A 42-year-old member asked:

how can i alleviate pain at the dentist if i am pregnant?

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Dr. Christopher Sizemore
Obstetrics and Gynecology 16 years experience
Dentist + pregnancy: The local anesthetic injections typically used for routine dental procedures are safe in pregnancy. Poor dental hygiene, cavities and other oral infections have been linked to obstetrical complications. Therefore, it is very important to visit the dentist regularly and do not delay any necessary procedures. Discuss any concerns with your ob.
Dr. Kyle Shank
Dentistry 13 years experience
During or after?: Pain during the visit should be prevented with the use of local anesthetics. During cleanings, this often isn't possible, so good oral hygiene between visits will keep the gum tissue healthy so it will not be as tender when you go in for your cleanings. If we're talking about post-op pain, tylenol (acetaminophen) should be safe for your baby, but avoid nsaids like Ibuprofen and aleve.
Dr. Robert Brodsky
Dentistry 58 years experience
THE DOC KNOWS: There are many topical and injectable drugs that are safe if you are pregnant.
Dr. Theodore Davantzis
Dentistry 40 years experience
Local Anesthetic: A local anesthetic without epinephrine should be just fine for for both you and your baby. Discuss your concerns with your dentist.
Dr. Paul Grin
Pain Management 36 years experience
FYI,: dental care and dental anesthesia is safe and essential during pregnancy. Pregnancy is not a reason to defer routine dental care or treatment.
Dr. Kevin Sambuchino
Dentistry 21 years experience
Talk to your OB: Most doctors only recommend regular strength tylenol (acetaminophen) for pain. This may not help much, so the best thing is to have all your dental work completed asap, so you have limited pain.

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Is it advisable to immobilize my leg after pulling my hamstring if the pain is not severe?

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Dr. Randy Lisch
Podiatry 38 years experience
No: Try to massage the hamstring with a roller and stretch the muscle gently as much as possible.
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What could cause contractions if you are not pregnant?

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Dr. Andrew Blazar
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Normal: Uterine contractions ("cramps") are common-though they may not be noticable.
A 38-year-old member asked:

How are pregnant women tested for group b beta strep?

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Dr. Yash Khanna
Family Medicine 57 years experience
Vaginal swab culture: All pregnant women are tested by a swab during 35to37weeks gestation aswab is taken from vagina and rectum and sent to the lab to be tested for groupb strep and result is available in 24to 48 hours.
A member asked:

My daughter just came back from haiti..She has a 1" radius of redness with a black center? Is this a spider bite? She is having pain with it.

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Dr. Cornelia Franz
Specializes in Pediatrics
Could be : She needs to be seen and have that evaluated. Black center means a necrotic center and may need to be debrided. Make an appointment.
A 25-year-old female asked:

I feel like I have pain in my kidneys. What could this be?

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Dr. Tarek Naguib
Nephrology and Dialysis 40 years experience
Muscle pain?: Pain in back muscles is more common reason for this complaint than actual kidney pain. But kidney stone possibility cannot be ruled out. Also, could be related to kidney infection esp if you have signs of of UTI e.g. Burning, frequency, or foul odor with urination. A visit to your doc will help differentiate this.

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