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I have dark spots after acne..how can i treat this? i haved tried almost everything n i have been to the dermatology in wilson but no help

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Bleaching agents: Post inflammatory pigment in the skin especially if you are darked complexioned requires not only treatment with topical agents but sun exposure protection. Sometimes even special chemical bleaching peels or laser treatments.

Answered 8/13/2012



PIH: What you are describing is post inflammatory hyperpigmentation(pih). Anytime there is inflammation on the skin especially in darker skin a stain can be caused. Over time the stains will fade unless more inflammation occurs. Therefore the best way to get rid of dark spots in acne is to control the active lesions of acne sometimes with the help of oral medications. There are some acne products that have bleaching properties including benzyl peroxide finaceahope this helps good luck.

Answered 3/4/2014


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Don't be upset: get on topical lighteners, consider getting a prescription for Tri-luma, and get some beta hydroxy peels from a dermatologist of aesthetician, wear sunscreen everyday. Be consistent with topicals and get peels every 2-3 weeks you will see improvement . hOpe that helps

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Dark spots post acne: Thank you for your question. Skin discoloration after acne is very common. Treatment focuses on two strategies: 1) Stopping the acne - continued acne lesions will cause pigmentation to recur, 2) Sun avoidance: ultraviolet light will cause the marks to persist. Certain topical medications may help the acne and fade marks but it is important to receive a proper examination from a medical provider.

Answered 10/22/2014



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