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A 18-year-old member asked:

Does health insurance cover tummy tuck or no because it's more of a plastic surgery thing?

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Dr. Jason Lichten
Plastic Surgery 24 years experience
Not Cosmetic Surgery: Tummy tuck is done for cosmetic reasons to improve the contour of the abdomen, so it is usually considered an out-of-pocket, non-covered expense by most insurance companies.
Dr. Timothy Mountcastle
Plastic Surgery 23 years experience
No: Unless you have infections under the fold of tummy tissue. Panniculitis.
Dr. Gordon Kaplan
Plastic Surgery 23 years experience
No, but ...: Hi christy, tummy tuck performed for cosmetic purposes is not covered by insurance. However, panniculectomy is. Panniculectomy is the removal of the overhanging abdominal wall fat. If you can show your insurance company that this overhanging pannus is responsible for medical problems, then you may be able to get it approved.
Dr. Otto Placik
Surgery - Plastics 35 years experience
Usually not: While insurance may cover a panniculectomy for major weight loss, it has been my experience that they will rarely cover an abdominoplasty.
Dr. John Di Saia
Plastic Surgery 32 years experience
Not usually.: Tummy tuck surgery is consider cosmetic surgery and is rarely reliably covered by health insurance.
Dr. Hatem Abou-Sayed
Plastic Surgery 26 years experience
Cosmetic tummy tuck: True abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) is a cosmetic procedure. Sometimes, a panniculectomy (removal of the lower abdominal tissues without significant muscle tightening) in order to help with rashes and physical limitations may be covered. In some markets, removal of excess abdominal skin after massive weight loss may be covered by insurance. But most of the time, abdominoplasty is cosmetic and cashpay.

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Last updated Apr 1, 2019
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