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Fell on my back, big swollen bruise above tailbone. i can walk, but quite painful. cleaned it, put a icepack on it.should i see a doc? can i take med

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Probably a bruise: If your pain is localized and there is no sensory or motor deficit I'm the legs the it is most likely a bruise that will resolve with time. Less common is fracture of Sacrum or coccyx

Answered 7/28/2014


Dr. Marsha Davis answered

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Take: Ibuprofen 80g 3times a day if not allergic or aleve (naproxen) 3 pills twice a day, both with food. If does not improve might seek care but there is nothing that can be done if you broke your tailbone. If your back starts to hurt higher up see doc

Answered 6/30/2014


Dr. Herbert Hoover answered

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Probably see doc: From your description, you could easily have at least a fractured coccyx.(tailbone). It is not necessarily serious but can be very painful. X-rays of your pelvis could evaluate for other more serious injuries. If it is continuing to be very painful, you should be evaluated by a healthcare provider! Good luck!!!

Answered 5/6/2016



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