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We know nothing about child psychiatry wards?

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Dr. Josephine Ruiz-healy answered

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Visit Programs: If you are in need of psychiatric hospitalization, the fist thing to do is to have a talk with your child´s psychiatrist about different options and where he feels comfortable taking care of your child. You can visit the different hospitals and inquire about their structure and programs as well. Good luck to you.

Answered 4/16/2016


Dr. Alan Ali answered

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Child psych.: Children in need of inpatient tx are placed on child/adolescent unit, closely monitored by staff around the clock, and seen by child psychiatrists & counselors daily, with family being vital part of tx team. Also, children who need longer stay than in acute unit, are placed in residential tx facilities, with same concept. Both attend school on grounds.

Answered 7/7/2012



Check out website: Our academy, the american academy of child & adolescent psychiatry can help. On their website there is a facts for families sections which will provide you with some answers. Check out: www.Aacap.Org and go to the facts for families section.

Answered 8/30/2012


Dr. Lincoln Bickford answered

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Teamwork-based care: Most child and adolescent psychiatry units that i've worked on are caring environments that employ a multidisciplinary team including psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, nurses, nursing aids, and teachers to address all aspects of a child's mental health. Usually the days are spent in therapeutic groups and school, and a comprehensive aftercare plan is created prior to discharge.

Answered 4/19/2014


Dr. Humberto Quintana answered

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Child inpat. unit: Acute inpatient mental health treatment represents the most intensive level of psychiatric care. Multidisciplinary assessments and multimodal interventions are provided in a 24-hour secure and protected, medically staffed and psychiatrically supervised treatment environment. Twenty-four hour skilled nursing care, daily medical care (child psychiatrist for children under 12), and a structured treatment milieu are required. The goal of acute inpatient care is to stabilize children/adolescents who display acute psychiatric conditions associated with a relatively sudden onset and a short, severe course, or a marked exacerbation of symptoms associated with a more persistent, recurring disorder. Typically, the child/adolescent poses a significant danger to self or others, or displays severe psychosocial dysfunction. Special treatment may include physical and mechanical restraint, seclusion, and a locked unit. Active family/guardian involvement is important unless contraindicated. Frequency should occur based on individual needs.

Answered 6/22/2014



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