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My dds said i need my 4 front teeth removed. what fees am i in for?

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Ask your dentist: Removing teeth can cost upto several hundred dollars depending on the cause for which teeth are removed. Simple extrations or removal can cost anywhere around $130-$150 while broken roots and teeth which require bone grafting after removal can cost almost 2-3 times that amount. Your best bet is to ask your dentist to quote you the expected fee and procedure. The more informed you are, the better.

Answered 11/27/2017



Depends: If you have dental or medical insurance, then the doctor's office will provide the cost of your procedure. Every office have their own respective fee schedule.

Answered 10/1/2012



Talk to your DDS now: Now is the time to talk to your dentist Bout the cost of your teeth removal, but equally important is to discuss how you will replace those teeth and the associated costs. Replacement of 4 front teeth may involve dental implants (ideal treatment) or remove able bridgework.

Answered 7/27/2014



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