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Dermatology i use prescription wash, aczone & climacin (?) on face. is it ok to use skin lotions & when/type, besides spf? i'm 48 fair/sensitive skin. thx

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Dr. Ellen Turner answered

Specializes in Dermatology

Definitely.: You are wise to use some type of light daily moisturizer, and your spf (which it sounds as though you already do)! i like the cetaphil and cerave face lotions, some contain spf so you can essentially treat things with one product. I also love the skinmedica line because you can customize your moisturizer to the time of year--lighter in summer and heavier in the winter.

Answered 1/30/2014


Dr. Fawn Winkelman answered

Specializes in Family Medicine

Yes: Yes skin lotions are advised as the products you use may cause dryness on the skin. It is best to use non-comedogenic lotions that hydrate the skin like cereve or cetaphil. Most dermatology offices will have good recommendations for products or even have professional products in their offices to use. Perhaps the dermatologist who prescribed your acne meds can help with a lotion.

Answered 5/20/2016


Dr. Glynis Ablon answered

Specializes in Dermatology

Aczone and clinda: are both antibacterials, so i would talk with dermatologist and consider removing one from your regimen. lotions can be used over prescription meds but i would be careful and test topicals that are anti-aging but for sensitive skin, Ask dermatologist for samples!

Answered 9/28/2016



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