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Would a mri scan show a potentially cause to my pain. i had an scrotum & testicle ultrasound, an they say i got varicose veins, but the pain im having goes is in my groin, testicle, cord an scrotum. i feel it may be from somewhere they havent seen?

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Dr. Hiep Le answered

Specializes in Nephrology and Dialysis

It may if the pain you have is a referred pain, i.e. problem is elsewhere such as kidney but you have pain further down. However, varicocele sometimes causes the same pain that you have experienced but taking care the varicocele with procedure such as varicocelectomy usually does not get rid of that pain.

Answered 10/7/2022


Dr. Birendra Tandan answered

Specializes in Urology

There can be many causes for these symptoms - involving any of the things you mentioned. You need a good clinical exam of the area- Abdomen, groin, genitalia. I do not think MRI tho sounds great is the test of choice for your complaints. In the meantime wear a scrotal support underwear use local heat and see a Urologist. Good luck

Answered 10/26/2022



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