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I have had 2 idiopathic uedvts and have been referred to a hematologist. what will he?

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Dr. Victor Bonuel answered

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The specialist will: Further do workup to check for genetic causes of DVT including deficiencies in protein c , protein s and Antithrombin 3. Small trauma to blood vessels from strenuous exercise may sometimes cause uedvt. Hopefully all goes well with you. May god bless you! http://m.Circ.Ahajournals.Org/content/106/14/1874.Full.

Answered 8/21/2017



Risk factors: A hematologist will likely discuss with you your risk factors for dvt- birth control, smoking, family history. ...They will probably also do some blood tests to check for genetic or acquired conditions that can increase your tendency to develop blood clots. Finally, they will discuss with you how long you will need to continue the blood thinners that have likely been prescribed for you.

Answered 9/28/2016



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