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3 yr post menopause, no bleeding, 5mm endo/ lining, 2 small fibroids, negative biopsy and pap but atrophy, parabasal cell type. 1 yr pap, or sooner?

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Dr. Thomas Rayson answered

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One year: This sounds pretty good you should not be worried those findings are typical for postmenopausal women and they are consistent with a healthy woman's findings.

Answered 12/14/2020



Pap history: Those are normal findings. When you need another pap is based on your previous pap smears. If you have no hpv, never had an abnormal pap and have had 3 abnormal paps, you may not need another pap for 3 years. You still need to see your gyn for a physical exam and assess your ovaries.

Answered 4/15/2019



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