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Daughter was prescribed flonase (1 spray each nostril daily - 50mcg per spray). she is 15 months old, 25lbs, and 31 inches tall. everywhere i read says not to give under 2. potentially has enlarged adenoids. using for 6wks to see if any improvement?

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The avoidance issue is pushed by concern over complications like oral thrush, effect on growth by steroid spray. I find it uncommon in clinical use & many of these nasal sprays are over the counter now. I don't see much chance it will change the adenoids, which tent to grow faster than kids until 6-8. I wouldn't suggest it but a few weeks trial is not worrisome.

Answered 8/8/2022


Dr. Amrita Dosanjh answered

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The cause of the enlarged adenoids may be further evaluated. The growth of the oropharynx often results in less crowding and reduced snoring. If she has no infectious symptoms, an oral antihistamine is often effective and dosed per weight. Other considerations include nasal saline spray to relieve congestion.What are her symptoms? to better answer. Avoid dust,mold,pet dander and smoke.

Answered 8/9/2022



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