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Might have figured out my problem. low acth <5 pg/ml but normal cortisol levels 15.6 pg/ml at 1030 am. doctor thinks addisons but how when cortisol is normal? cant get answer from doc at the moment! every other test was normal. thank you?

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Dr. Joseph Mathews answered

Specializes in Internal Medicine - Endocrinology

True Addison's disease would have elevated ACTH levels. A secondary adrenal insufficiency (pituitary problem) would cause a low ACTH. To diagnose, you would need an ACTH stimulation test. The other concerns would be any drugs/medications you are taking causing these levels or Non-ACTH Dependent Hypercortisolism, usually caused by a non-cancerous adrenal tumor.

Answered 10/4/2021


Dr. Clarence Grim answered

Specializes in Endocrinology

Look at the normal values for your lab for time of day blood drawn. If one has adrenal Addison’s ACTH should be high and cortisol not High to low. Ifu have a pituitary problem causing Addison’s ACTH can be low. More common in women who have Sheehan’s syndrome. AKA pituitary apoplexy.

Answered 10/12/2021



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