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Egd showed barretts visually, but biopsy was negative for intestinal metaplasia. doctor said that biopsy is what matters most. is this correct? that the negative biopsy is authoritative (i.e. no barretts)?

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Dr. Gurmukh Singh answered

Specializes in Pathology

Depends: A pathologist reading the biopsy can only tell you what is in the tissue that was removed, not what is left behind. If the biopsy sample was representative of the lesion, your doctor is correct. Wish you good health!

Answered 12/26/2019


Dr. Shaban Faruqui answered

Specializes in Gastroenterology

Follow Dx Protocol: Practice guidelines from ACG recommend that BE diagnosis is made by a combination of endoscopic diagnosis with confirmation of IM on histopathology. These guidelines also suggest performing (EGD) within 1 year with targeted biopsies from suspected areas for confirmation of the BE diagnosis and ruling out dysplasia. Reproducibility of endoscopic biopsy findings may vary based on sampling method.

Answered 12/29/2019



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