A member asked:

Had a barium swallow. report says questionable contour abnormality of distal esophagus & mucousal irregularity of gastric fundus. possible causes?

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Dr. James Burns answered

Specializes in Emergency Medicine

I have : always found it best to interpret imaging or laboratory results with clinical information which is lacking in this case. It would be best to contact the ordering provider.

Answered 4/8/2019


Dr. Michael Gabor answered

Specializes in Diagnostic Radiology

Difficult: to say without more specific information, but in general, a contour abnormality would imply something pressing on the esophagus from the outside. Mucosal irregularity usually implies inflammation(gastritis) but neoplasm is also a consideration. Talk to your doc about the results, you may need an endoscopy.

Answered 4/7/2019



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If you need ur esophagus dialated will it show up on a barium swallow?

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