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I try to eat not more than 1200 calories a day. however, i end up eating 120-130 gms of carb which mostly comes from fruits, veg and legumes. am i eating more carb than i should? i am 25, 5'3", 143lbs. i exercise for an hour daily (cardio+ strength).

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Hard to say: It is hard for us to tell.if you are taking too much carb,without knowing breakdown of the diet.You have to have Protein&fat as well in your diet.Even 1200 calories has to have Protein and some fat.Especially as you are doing cardio&strength exercises you need .Your diet must contain 20% of calories from Proteins,50% from carbs from fruits,vegies,lagunes and 30% from fat.How much you want to loose

Answered 11/13/2017



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