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Dx w/sleep apnea & asthma 7m ago. using cpap nightly. cbc shows rbcs 5.93 & hct 52.7. what could be causing this? also have afib on coumadin.

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Dr. Ira Friedlander answered

Specializes in Cardiac Electrophysiology

There are a number: of blood disorders that are unrelated to OSA, asthma, afib or coumadin. You should check with your health care provider and see if you need a referral to a hematologist.

Answered 10/23/2017


Dr. Amrita Dosanjh answered

Specializes in Pediatric Allergy and Asthma

Mgt: Chronic lung disease may also elevate HCT. Have you had a CT scan? Pulmonary embolism should be ruled out.

Answered 12/20/2016



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I asked if sleep apnea is not treated cause AFIB?

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