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Is sleep apnea related to copd and/or asthma? what are some effective treatments for someone with sleep apnea and copd - cpap, bipap, pillows?

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Here we go?: No, not related. Treatment is with a c-pap machine are others as you listed. Care is directed by someone trained in sleep disorders. You can have COPD and other lung diseases but not related to sleep apnea. Together, they are difficult.

Answered 7/23/2020



No: Sleep apnea is not related to COPD or asthma. Sleep apnea and asthma sometimes share a common risk factor: obesity. Cpap/bipap therapy for sleep apnea can have the added benefit of providing additional support for people with advanced copd. CPAP is not indicated for the treatment of COPD in the home setting.

Answered 6/10/2014


Dr. Hesham Hassaballa answered

Specializes in Pulmonary Critical Care

Sort of: Sleep apnea can be present in any patient, whether with COPD or not. Sleep apnea can make a COPD patient feel worse and do worse. The treatment can be anything that you mentioned: cpap, bipap. A sleep study will determine what treatment is best.

Answered 12/18/2014



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