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I ve weird pain & cramping in joints n muscles for past 3 weeks, effecting my feet knee ankle shouldr fingers in hand n legs, can't oftn grip due2pain?

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Dr. Saptarshi Bandyopadhyay answered

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Complex problem: It sounds like arthritis, but it is affecting more than 1 joint at once. That means it is a complex case. It could be systemic arthritis - from rheumatoid, lupus, Reiter's syndrome, or other causes. See a Rheumatologist if one is available, otherwise talk to your doctor & go over your symptoms carefully. Keep a diary of when symptoms started, & where. That will help. HealthTap Prime is a good reso

Answered 12/9/2020


Dr. Michael Lyons answered

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Joint pain: Have any medications or diet changed? If not it would be wise to get some bloodwork to rule out any inflammatory systemic conditions

Answered 5/19/2017



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