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Elevated lipase lab value 180/290 mine 309,329 then 369 on lipitor (atorvastatin) ,mother passed at 84 pancreatic cancer no family history i'm so scared.

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Dr. Zachary Veres answered

Specializes in Family Medicine

Lipase: You need a ct scan And to check your cholesterol levels and see if the Lipitor (atorvastatin) is optimal

Answered 4/28/2015


Dr. Angelina Postoev md facs answered

Specializes in General Surgery

Not enough info: by itself this number can not tell a doctor if there is a problem. This elevation is not that impressive. If you have concerns, see a surgeon or a GI for further blood work or just a discussion to see if you have any signs of a problem. Once again, lipase alone is not enough

Answered 5/27/2015



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