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I've already taken 5 doses of amoxicillin&mefenamic acid but the pain&swelling(tooth) is still there, how many doses should it take effect?

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Antibioitc: First and foremost, if you have swelling thats not a good thing, you NEED to go see a dentist. That is a very heavy dose. In addition, while Amoxicillin is the drug of choice in non allergic patients, it may not be the right drug, depending on the bacteria involved. .Sorry you are going through this, but get to a dentist

Answered 1/13/2018


Dr. Paul Grin answered

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See a dentist ASAP: If you rely on antibiotics and not a definitive treatment, the infection will come back. Dentist will treat a tooth abscess by treating the cause and getting rid of the infection. Do not delay. Good luck.

Answered 8/20/2017



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