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Severe ha cont x 2 weeks post left upper molar extraction, had infection. was prescribed antibiotic, advil, (ibuprofen) norco. should i be concerned?

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Dr. David Feig answered

Specializes in Family Medicine

Try a teabag: what you describe could be dry socket syndrome. It does not respond well to antibiotics. I would place a dry teabag over the empty tooth socket and see if you get any relief. If not then yes you should check back with dentist

Answered 2/2/2015


Dr. Daniel Rubenstein answered

Specializes in Dentistry

2 weeks post ext: Have you returned to the surgeon for a post-op exam? If you are still having discomfort after two weeks, you should have it checked by the surgeon. If you are having severe pain, you may have a dry socket, which will need to be packed with dry socket medication.

Answered 1/25/2015



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