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Due to no sense of smell, i learned to eat based on texture and i can't stand fruit or veggies. i feel so unhealthy! is there an adequate supplement?

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Dr. Paul Hartlaub answered

Specializes in Preventive Medicine

Probably not: Nobody knows for sure, but it is likely that supplements and vitamins won't replace fruits or vegetables in a complete way. You see, fruits and vegetables come in packages of multiple substances; vitamins, proteins, fiber and others. It would be impossible to reproduce the exact "package." better to keep trying different forms of these foods, such as dried, steamed, boiled, blended or dehydrated.

Answered 11/28/2017


Dr. Bernard Seif answered

Specializes in Clinical Psychology

Nutrition: The best nutrition is from our food but soil is depleted and food has chemical in it. A good multivitamin is an insurance for poor diet but not a replacement. Centrum and similar ones are very weak. Choose one from a place like GNC or Vitamin Shoppe. See a nutritionist for a food plan that fits your needs. Peace and good health.

Answered 11/26/2018



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