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Crawfordsville, IN
A 27-year-old female asked:

the pinky and ring finger on my left hand are tingly and almost numb. just started last night. what should i do? i have no other symptoms

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Dr. Orrin Ailloni-Charas
Anesthesiology 29 years experience
It sounds like you : May have an ulnar nerve problem. Contact your doctor to evaluate your circulation and neurological status. You may elect to take an anti-inflammatory medication also.
Dr. Kenneth Reichert
Neurosurgery 35 years experience
Numb fingers: This is usually from pressure on your wrist or elbow. The usual treatment is to keep pressure off these areas. Numbness will usually resolve, but can take several weeks to months. If symptoms last for more than two to three weeks, evaluation should be performed.

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A male asked:

Possibly reasons why my pinky and ring finger on my left hand are losing their strength and feeling? Just recently a couple of months ago. I started losing some of the strength in some of my fingers on my left hand. I'm having a hard time squeezing just a

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Dr. Francis Dysarz
Hand Surgery 29 years experience
I : I agree with dr. Press's answer from several hours ago today. The most likely site of compression of the ulnar nerve is at the elbow or "funny bone" area. If you are sleeping or doing other activities with your elbow fully flexed significantly for long periods of time, this can put traction on the ulnar nerve at the elbow and lead to your symptoms, possibly. You could consider wrapping and taping your arm in a towel at the elbow snugly when you sleep at night, to prevent the elbow from flexing. Pre- fabricated elbow splints can be obtained from medical supply stores. Splint can also be fabricated by occupational therapists to keep the elbow straight, but only with a physician's prescription. The key is not to allow the elbow to be flexed more than 45° in order to keep traction off of the ulnar nerve.
A 38-year-old member asked:

What can I do if my left hand fingers, my pinky and my ring finger are going numb. What is this?

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Dr. Ramsey Ellis
Plastic Surgery 21 years experience
Ulnar nerve problem?: Numbness and tingling inthe small and ring finger can indicate a problem with the ulnar nerve. The ulnar nerve is commonly pinched at the level of the elbow, known as cubital tunnel syndrome, or at the level of the wrist, compression at guyon's canal. However, numbness and tingling in the exremities warrants evaluation by a physician to definitively identify the cause.
New York, NY
A 28-year-old male asked:

Hi I was a little worried about this numb feeling in my left hand on the side of pinky finger going down that side but it is only my left hand?

1 doctor answer6 doctors weighed in
Dr. David Houghton
Specializes in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics
Ulnar neuropathy?: The symptoms you describe are typical for trouble with the ulnar nerve. This is the nerve that travels along the inner elbow and causes the 'funny bone' sensation when the elbow is hit in a certain way. Sometimes the nerve can get pinched in the elbow and surgery can relieve the pressure. An EMG/NCS test can determine if this is what is going on. Good luck!
United Kingdom
A 21-year-old female asked:

Hello i have a very small very hard bump on my left hand right at the bottom of my finger (one before the pinky) and just before the knuckle its not v?

1 doctor answer3 doctors weighed in
Dr. Trajko Bojadzievski
Specializes in Endocrinology
What is "V"?: It is difficult to tell from your question. Do you possibly mean to say if it is not a so called "verucca", in other words a wart? Hard to tell, but judging by the location, it could be one. A doctor would need to see it and perhaps submitting quality photographs may also be helpfull.
Philadelphia, PA
A female asked:

My pinky finger on my left hand keeps locking: either straightened or bent. ?

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Dr. John Goldman
Rheumatology 55 years experience
Trigger Finger: This is a trigger finger and is a common problem. Therapy can include: '1.Pulling it out 2.. injection 3. surgery

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Last updated Jun 23, 2016


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