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A 23-year-old female asked:

Is it normal to have a spaces between teeth after removing braces?

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Dr. David Duguid
Dentistry 30 years experience
Usually not: Hi jessalyn, sometimes there is a discrepancy in the size of the teeth and the top or bottom jaw and after proper alignment the orthodontist will leave a space, usually behind the cuspid teeth. Other times they will leave equal spaces to allow for bonding or veneers. That being said, if you have spaces you weren't told they'd be leaving and they result in food traps, bring it their attention asap.
Dr. Brett Noorda
Dentistry 26 years experience
Not usually: Unless leaving spaces is a specific goal, braces usually leave none. There are certain situations where some spaces are left, however, and it is usually behind the canines. You would need to discuss this with the dentist or orthodontist who treated you to know for sure.
Dr. Louis Sterling
Prosthodontics 38 years experience
No: The only reason for you to have spaces between your teeth immediately after your braces, is if your teeth are undersized. Once your back teeth bite together properly, the front teeth are lined up. If there's too much room and not enough tooth to fill the space, spaces between the front teeth may result. This can be corrected with some cosmetic bonding or porcelain laminates to correct the sizes.
Dr. Hilary Baskin
Orthodontics 29 years experience
No: But it depends what you mean by spacing-- talk to your orthodontist.
Dr. Harry Aronowitz
Orthodontics 45 years experience
Yes: Some people have teeth that are too small for their jaws and spaces will remain after orthodontic treatment. If it is a problem for you your dentist can enlarge your teeth to minimize the spaces, .
Dr. Steven Hart
Cosmetic Dentistry 46 years experience
Tooth size: Sometimes the total tooth width is too small to fill out the dental arch. Ask your dentist or orthodontist if this is the case. Sometimes an orthodontist will leave the space in less visible locations such as behind the canines (eye-teeth) instead of more conspicuous areas such as between the too front teeth. Other times teeth are malformed and may require veneers or crowns to close space.
Dr. Arnold Malerman
Orthodontics 54 years experience
Depends: If you had metal bands around teeth there will be some temporary residual band space. If you have a tooth-size discrepancy, or some teeth smaller than they should be in relation to the size of your other teeth, this may need restorations. If you were less than compliant with elastics there could be some space. If gums were swollen they can pop teeth apart. Talk to your orthodontist.
Dr. David Schleimer
A Verified Doctoranswered
39 years experience
NO: If orthodontist used bands (rings) you can expect small spaces, but it is not normal to allow them to stay. We orthodontists have ways of tightening up that last bit of space. Important to do, as it becomes a food catch and a periodontal problem. Expect them, but never let them stay.
Dr. Michael Stepovich
42 years experience
Spaces after braces?: How long ago were your braces removed and were retainers delivered after removing braces. An orthodontist would not complete a treatment and leave spaces under normal conditions. If patient has braces removed before completion, or if no retainers were delivered or if patient did not wear retainers delivered. All these situations could lead to spacing. Go back to your ortho and talk about this.

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A 23-year-old female asked:

Is it normal to have a little spaces between teeth after removing braces?

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Dr. Gary Sandler
Dentistry 55 years experience
Sometimes: Every case is different. It depends upon many factors. An orthodontist cannot always achieve a 100% ideal occlusion, depending upon jaw and tooth harmony, patient cooperation, etc. Slight spaces can often be resolved with adjustments using the final removable retainer. This is an issue that you should discuss with your own orthodontist who is most knowledgeable with your case.

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