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Bethlehem, PA
A 19-year-old female asked:

is there any antibiotics i can take for my tooth ache while pregnant. i think my wisdom teeth gave me an infection. i'm in so much pain. i need detail?

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Dr. Bruce Mulder
Dentistry 44 years experience
Yes: There are antibiotics which are regarded as safe to take during pregnancy. This being said only take them when the benefits outweigh the risks. Amoxicillin or Clindamycin would be examples of drugs you might consider provided you are not allergic to them. Consult your ob/gyn before you begin any antibiotic treatment.
Dr. Mark Venincasa
Cosmetic Dentistry 35 years experience
Check with OB: It seems penicillin is quite safe assuming you are not allergic to it. I would check with your OB and have him/her contact your dentist.
Dr. David Schleimer
A Verified Doctoranswered
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Conservative: You want to be as conservative as possible with any medications. Your OB doctor is best source to be sure of anything you are taking. You are the age when wisdom teeth start to appear. It is common to have something called pericoronitis, where food, bacteria, debris collect in the gum pocket surrounding the tooth. Try warm saline rinses, best with water syringe which you can get from your dentist.
Dr. James Beck
Dentistry 11 years experience
See a dentist: You first need to see your dentist to determine the source of your pain. Then your dentist and OB will talk to determine what course of treatment is right for you at your stage of pregnancy. Personally, i would extract the tooth if you are in your second trimester. Please go to the dentist for treatment.
Dr. Ronald Achong
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery 18 years experience
See your doctor: Sorry to hear about the pain. See a dentist or oral surgeon to have the wisdom tooth looked at. Amoxil (amoxicillin) antibiotics usually is safe in pregnancy. However, your dentist will consult with your ob/gyn before any medications are prescribed. If the wisdom tooth needs to be extracted usually this will be performed in the 2nd preferably 3 rd trimester. Good luck.
Dr. Arnold Malerman
Orthodontics 53 years experience
Infection?: If present antibiotics such as penicillin or clindamycin can limit spread of infection, but there are many other causes of wisdom tooth pain beside infection. See an Oral Surgeon to evaluate and treat 3rd molars. Wisdom tooth treatment is out of the prevue of your OBGyn.
Dr. Keith Hollander
Dentistry 36 years experience
Yes, but: You might want to see a dentist first. A localized problem may be able to be treated without antibiotic. Yes there are antibiotics that you can take while pregnant.

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A 29-year-old member asked:

Does having celiac disease make a woman more prone to sciatic nerve pain during pregnancy?

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Dr. Padmavati Garvey
A Verified Doctoranswered
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Do not think so : I am not aware of any connection between celiac disease, which primarily involves gluten intolerance and causes diarrhea, and sciatica. Sciatica is usually caused by edema around this nerve or pinching of the nerve.
West Fargo, ND
A 49-year-old female asked:

4 months ago I had total knee replacements(both) and I still have swelling, burning, sharp needle like pains is this normal? What are the signs if one is allergic to the metal in the knee replacement (both)

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Dr. Andrew DeGruccio
Orthopedic Surgery 29 years experience
Can be normal: Some pain and swelling can be normal at this stage. May take close to 1 full year for complete resolution with good therapy. Signs of metal allergy include persistent pain and swelling, skin rashes, including hives , and x-ray findings of component loosening. A sample of the metal, provided by the implant company, can be taped to your arm to confirm. Ask your surgeon.
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I have a bladder infection and the doctors gave me metronidazole, phenaz opyridine, sulfamethoxazole-tmp dest tablet. I am having pain still what to do?

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Dr. Vicken Poochikian
Internal Medicine 42 years experience
Return to your Docto: If pain is not better after few seats of antibiotics, you either have the wrong antibiotics or something else is causing the pain, so you better return to be checked.
San Leandro, CA
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A friend gets a severe pain on her lower right side of her abdomen and her tongue feels numb. What can this be? Her gallbladder was removed 3years ago

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Dr. Andrew Glantz
General Surgery 38 years experience
Probably unrelated: Abdominal pain and tongue numbness are likely unrelated. Many things can cause right sided abdominal pain, even after gallbladder removal. The most common things that cause tongue numbness is tongue swelling, most commonly due to allergies or poisonings.
Bonham, TX
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Is a heating pad or i've better for kidney pain? Er said I had a UTI but i'm not really having bladder problems, it's just my left kidney.

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Dr. Roscoe Nelson
Urology 28 years experience
Neither: If it's a stone not much but medication and passing the stone will help. My condolences.

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Last updated Apr 12, 2020


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