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Can running help more with depression more than taking anti depressants?

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Dr. Kerry Ragain answered

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Hard to say: As you might know, regular exercise has been shown to help with some forms of depression, but without knowing what kind of depression you're referring to, it would be difficult to say which might be better. At the risk of stating the obvious, one simple way to determine the answer would be trying both separately, while analyzing the degree of benefit by tracking symptoms in a journal or log.

Answered 8/27/2013


Dr. Judith Tellerman answered

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DEPRESSION: For your depressive symptoms, 1st have a physical exam to rule out a physical problem. Please consult with a Clinical Psychologist for psychotherapy to help you with ZOOM.com sessions. Research indicates with psychotherapy you can change & find better coping mechanisms. If there is a biological reason you are depressed please see a Psychiatrist for medication. Exercise can be a helpful addition.

Answered 10/22/2020



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