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Plano, TX
A 54-year-old male asked:

I have 4 unit old dental bridge made of porcelain fused to high noble metal. approximately. how many grams and the type of gold they use in it. ?

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Dr. Victor Zeines
Dentistry 52 years experience
Don't know: You should call your dentist and have him let you get in contact with the lab that made the restorationfor more information.
Dr. James Vito
Prosthodontics 38 years experience
Not much: Depending upon when it was made it will influence the amount of gold. High nobel gold can be anywhere depending on the lab from 40 to 60 percent gold . In other words your bridge is not pure 100 percent gold. There is 31.1 grams per troy ounce of gold. Your bridge once the porcelain is stripped off and the other metals extracted from the metal framework, you may end up with 2-4 grams of gold.
Dr. John Thaler
Prosthodontics 42 years experience
Varies: No way for me to tell. The high noble is usually 54% gold with other metals such as palladium. The weight can only be determined by removing the porcelain. It varies depending on the laboratory design . If you request a mailer from garfield refining, andmail it in. They will extract the precious metals and send you money. There is no middle man this way.My patients have used them for years.
Dr. Roya Arbab
33 years experience
Depends: The gold coping under your bridge has a special design. It is needed to support the overlaying porcelain. The gold needs to be minimum of .5mm for the copings and about 1.0mm in the junctions. The maximum thickness of porcelain is to be 2mm. The technician mounts your casts and given the spaces between teeth he has to wax up according to these min. And max. Requirements, then casts it in gold.
Dr. Louis Sterling
Prosthodontics 38 years experience
Depends: Each alloy used is composed of different amounts of precious metals. You'd need to have metal analyzed for proper metal content.
Dr. Joseph Greenberg
Specializes in Prosthodontics
Very variable.: The gold is used based on the size and shape of the teeth being restored. Are you a big person with big teeth? A small person with small teeth? The dentist who made these can tell you this answer very accurately.
Dr. Tony Menendez
38 years experience
Depends?: Hi noble gold is an alloy of different metals including 24 carat gold. It will need to be assayed in order to dtermine how much pure gold is in the bridge.
Dr. Andres Carbunaru
Dentistry - Prosthodontics 25 years experience
Check lab records : It is very difficult to know exactly how much gold you have on your bridge, not only that deppends on how much tooth reduction the dentist made but also how much strenght you need to support the porcelain on the bridge. Also as general information, when casting the metal structure there are few gram lost during the trimming and contouring of the metal, and during the processing it self.
Dr. Bolivar Luperon
Prosthodontics 19 years experience
Bridge Metal: That is very hard to determine without having the dental lab weighting the metal prior to porcelain addition. Even knowing the weight, you would need to know the alloy used. Hnm is a mixed of gold, platinum and palladium and other minor metals. You would need to know the exact ratio of all of them in order to determine that.
Last updated Apr 12, 2020


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