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how much whiter can laser tooth whitening make my teeth? i think my teeth are a fair bit darker and stained then they used to be, as i've been a heavy coffee drinker over the last 15 years. i'm trying to cut way back on the coffee, but would like to white

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Dr. Jonathan Scharf
Cosmetic Dentistry 49 years experience
Whitening : Whitening is a soft science and results can vary. The nature of your internal tooth color will affect the end result. Without any promise or guarantee it is possible that they will return to the original color or even whiter!
Dr. Neil McLeod
Prosthodontics 49 years experience
We : We do not know what the result of whitening will be until we try it. It vary widely from patient to patient. The extrinsic ( outside /superficial stain) can be cleaned off relatively easily, and the intrinsic deep stain responds to varying degrees to the exposure to the oxygen released by the whitening agent. We can not predict if your teeth will be returned to a level of color that is similar to what you remember your teeth looked like years ago. They may be lighter. Most patients are delighted with the result dr neil mcleod dds dentistry that lasts -quality thatcounts.
Dr. Lance Timmerman
Specializes in Cosmetic Dentistry
Whitening : Whitening is unpredictable, and some teeth don't respond as much as others. They will change, but how much is hard to know. 3 big factors play a role, gel concentration, frequency and duration. A treatment that is one time, low concentration for 30 minutes will give a different result than 2 weeks with high concentration for several hours. Satisfaction will be up to you.
Dr. Michael Dolby
Cosmetic Surgery 28 years experience
Most case 4-6 shades: Unfortunately the "laser" has nothing to do with making your teeth whiter. The peroxide is the active ingredient and thats it! if your teeth are on the darker side, from coffee or external stains, you may just have to bleach a little longer, however if the stains are internal stains you may require porcelain veneers to block out the color. A cosmetic dentist can help you make that decision.
Dr. Gary Sandler
Dentistry 54 years experience
Laser whitening: Although "laser" tooth whitening was promoted as a better and faster way to get a patient's teeth whiter, "lasers" are not really used, merely a bright light and that promotion and technique has gone out of favor as most dentists now concede that whitening gels in custom trays to be taken home work just as well and are more cost effective. Discuss options with your own dentist.

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A 34-year-old member asked:

What could be the source of lines on a 14-year-old girl's nose and mouth?

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Dr. Mitchell Vogel
Ophthalmology 30 years experience
Could be cosmetic: No coomon for a young person. Please see a pediatrician or a dermatologist and have a great day!
A 33-year-old member asked:

Can mouthwashes containing peroxide cause mouth cancer?

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Dr. Michael Teitelbaum
Dentistry 32 years experience
Probably not: In japan they showed it could happen, but with 40% peroxide. It's illegal in the usa, here we only get up to 3-5% no proof here.
A 39-year-old member asked:

Do older women fear dental care for cosmetic reasons?

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Dr. Herman Liem
Dentistry 37 years experience
Cosmetic Dentistry: Cosmetic dentistry has matured well in the field of dentistry. Most experienced dentist can render great looking restorations. Porcelain veneers, all ceramic crowns and bridges can really improve the look of your smile. If there is a concern, you ask your dentist to place an interim restoration first so changes still can be made. Then the final restoration can be fabricated.
A member asked:

My daughter just came back from haiti..She has a 1" radius of redness with a black center? Is this a spider bite? She is having pain with it.

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Dr. Cornelia Franz
Specializes in Pediatrics
Could be : She needs to be seen and have that evaluated. Black center means a necrotic center and may need to be debrided. Make an appointment.
A member asked:

My 11 year old son cut his shin open on a piece of metal, does not need stitches, we can't remember when his last tetnus shot was, what are symptoms to look for ? Thank you.

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Dr. Kamel Sadek
Family Medicine 25 years experience
Things to consider. : Your son is 11 years of age and he is due to have a tetanus booster at this age. As for the shin cut, hopefully it was cleaned with hydrogen peroxide and treated with an antibiotic ointment. The best thing to do is to schedule an appointment with his pediatrician or family physician to get his shot and check on his cut.

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Last updated Nov 11, 2018

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