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My six year old has a 102 fever and the flu has visited our house ? does he need to go to the doctor? he is generally healthy. his father is currently sick with a fever and flu like symptoms. mom has had a cough and fever the past 2 weeks. older broth

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Fevers : Fevers for the most part aren't dangerous and are just the body's natural reaction to fighting off an infection. Most of these infections are viral and may be accompanied by runny nose, sore throat, congestion, mild rash, or nothing at all. Since fevers aren't dangerous, we usually treat the fever with Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen just to make the child more comfortable as their body fights the illness. "red flags" that we look for with fever to indicate something more serious is going on are: -fevers that last 5 days or more -fevers persistently above 104f orally -a child that acts very sick - very irritable or difficult to wake -difficulty breathing -vomiting, diarrhea, refusal to drink, or dehydration -a purple rash, esp on the legs -stiff neck -any complaints of pain such as the ear, throat, stomach or a joint of course, use your judgement. If you are worried about your child, give his doctor a call. Good luck!

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M.D. visit: Since viral illnesses have been in the household, if he has similar symptoms, it is probably the same illness. A flu shot is advised for all children his age, unless his pediatrician has a reason not to administer it to him. If his fever lasts more than 48 hours, he becomes dehydrated, or the cough worsens, he should be seen by his pediatrician. The symptoms should resolve by day 10.

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