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What's the problem with my ankle? i'm a 21 year old female 5'6 127 pounds one day i was rushing for the train and when i was going down the stairs my ankle hurt after that day everytime i run or walk too fast my ankle hurts . my ankle feels like i want to

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From : From what you are describing, it sounds like you might have sprained your ankle. What that leads to is possible ligamentous laxity and or rupture. In the anatomical structure of the ankle, there are several ligaments that hold the ankle joint together. When you cause trauma to those ligaments, you will feel as if your ankle gives way and that you don't have stability in you ankle. My recommendation would be to visit a foot ankle specialist who will order an MRI of your ankle to discover exactly if there is such a rupture to your ankle ligaments. If there is a rupture or a strain, then, you will have to be immobilized in a walking boot for up to 4-6 weeks. Most likely though, with ankle sprains, patients get better with proper rest and immobilization in about 2 weeks. You might also need some physical therapy in order to speed up your recovery.

Answered 11/22/2020



Get exam: Get exam and X-ray by a foot and Ankle specialist Probably MRI as well

Answered 1/29/2018



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