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What cause bad breath? how could fix that problem bad breath

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Dr. Scott Bobbitt answered

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See your dentist: Sources: gut, plaque (germs), pus (infection), cavities (rotting tooth). See your dentist to find the reason for yours. Until then: avoid foods that cause it (garlic, onions, certain spices); floss and brush your teeth (every night); use listerine (essential oils help), and cut out the sugar habit to minimize further decay (note--i didn't say "eliminate" decay).

Answered 10/23/2017



Bacteria, food u eat: Bacteria, in the form of plaque on your teeth and tongue can cause bad breath. You could also have esophageal reflux. You should see you dentist for an evaluation and cleaning or scaling and root planing (deep cleaning) if you have gingivitis or periodontitis (in which case you have bone loss). Also called gum disease or pyhorrea.

Answered 4/30/2013



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