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How can you tell the difference between eczema and skin cancer?

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Different: Eczema or atopic dematitis is a chronic skin condition that involves scaly and itchy rashes in which you can use different kind of steroids cream to treat it. However, with skin cancer depends on what types-they need to get biopsy , excision and even surgery . Dermatologist can treat with either of the above condition.

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Usually very easily: Usually very easy to tell but sometimes very difficult especially in cases involving the scalp in someone with a lot of sun damage and coexistent actinic keratoses.. Both can appear as a scaly patch. But usually skin cancer is a distinct isolated non healing lesion whereas eczema involves multiple patches of dry skin. A dermatologist would be the most skilled at recognizing the difference.

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See your derm: This can be difficult sometimes to determine. It is best to show the lesion to your friendly dermatologist.

Answered 4/5/2020



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