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My 8 month old daughter has done a scabie treatment called permethin twice a week apart and got more rashes and blisters.

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Dr. Erin Robertson answered

Specializes in General Practice

May need to retreat: Scabies is unbelievably contagious and if you aren't able to fully clean the house successfully, they're just sitting in the carpet, on the couch, in the bed, ready to start biting and burrowing again. Everybody in the house may need treatment, and you may need assistance de-bugging the home. Don't sit on this. Scabies are the source of additional infections, besides being excruciatingly itchy.

Answered 8/26/2015


Dr. Natalie Hodge answered

Specializes in Pediatrics

Followup visit: If her status is worsening after two treatments, definitely followup with your pediatrician for another exam. This needs to be attended to with a face to face visit.

Answered 11/16/2014



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