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Could plantar warts cause burning in the feet? even in the other foot without physical warts?

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Unlikely: Ben, get yourself a good history and physical exam and if the cause isn't clear, get to a neurologist for a check for a peripheral neuropathy. Especially, for a man of your age, rule out Fabry's.

Answered 9/18/2014


Dr. Scott Keith answered

Specializes in Podiatry

Don't Get Burned.: Having treated thousands of warts for over four decades, I can tell you that burning is not a standout symptom of having warts on your feet. Having said that, warts causing contralateral symptoms is something I don't think you need to worry about. You need to be seen by a specialist who will find one of accepted causes for a burning feeling in the feet.

Answered 6/7/2015



They can cause: burning but not in the other foot if there are no warts…that would not make sense,….

Answered 8/23/2015



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