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Can the spinal cord stimulation help mask the burning pain in the legs and feet?

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Dr. Per Freitag answered

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Yes: try a TENS unit first. Prior to insertion of the permanent spinal cord stimulator a trial is usually done

Answered 12/24/2014


Dr. Brian Le answered

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Neuromodulation: It seems like you are experiencing peripheral neuropathy. Spinal cord stimulation is an advanced treatment for specific painful conditions. It is usually used for patient with pain after neck or back surgery or pain from complex regional pain syndrome. It has been gaining more popularity for peripheral neuropathy as well. You would need to have a trial to see if it is effective for your pain

Answered 11/28/2017


Dr. Marshall Bedder answered

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If indicated: You are quite young to need to resort to an implantable device perhaps for the rest of your life. That said, SCS can and does treat burning types of Neuropathic pain in the legs and feet such as diabetic neuropathy pain. However you need a thorough medical workup to determine why you are having this burning pain. After you have a diagnosis, first line therapies must be trialed. Contact your PCP.

Answered 6/10/2017



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